Virtual Artist Residency hosted by Nexus Artspace in the Metaverse

Theme: “View-Self” - Exploring Cultural Identity

“View-Self” - Exploring Cultural Identity, is the theme for an international virtual artist residency at Nexus Artspace in collaboration with i.e. Art Projects Online Art Foundation.
We invite participants to consider the Cultural identity

What is Cultural Identity? 

Cultural identity is the fabric that weaves together the sense of belonging and attachment we feel towards our cultural heritage. It is the collective embodiment of beliefs, customs, traditions, language, values, norms, and practices that distinguish one cultural group from another. Shaped by upbringing, socialization, historical context, geography, religion, ethnicity, and personal experiences, cultural identity is a cornerstone of our self-concept and worldview. It influences behavior, interactions, and provides a sense of continuity and belonging. It’s a dynamic force, ever evolving as we traverse through various cultural landscapes and experiences.

The Residency Experience: 

Explore the Metaverse; A Groundbreaking Virtual Artist Residency 

Join us for an immersive virtual artist residency experience that pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation. During this unique program, we’ll host several virtual meetings in the Metaverse—a space that offers extraordinary possibilities. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Use the Metaverse as a new tool for your artistic creativity and exposure.

  • Unleash boundless creativity and imagination in a limitless virtual space.

  • Connect with artists worldwide, transcending physical boundaries.

  • Explore cutting-edge technology and unconventional artistic mediums and techniques.

  • Participate from anywhere in the world.

  • Celebrate diversity through cross-cultural exchanges.

  • Networking opportunities; seeing artists, art enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world.

  • Create your own community, fostering opportunities for artistic inspiration and collaboration.

  • Participate in endless and continuous events and exhibitions to showcase your work

Award: After the duration of “View-Self” online artist residency, one artist will be selected to stay at Nexus Artspace artists residency in Hong Kong for a duration of 2 weeks.

Collaboration and Exhibition: The residency will culminate in a virtual group exhibition, showcasing the creative journey and final works of our artists. We champion communication, co-creation, accountability, experimentation, and fostering a safe space for artistic expression. While physically apart, this virtual exhibition aims to unite artists and audiences in a shared experience that reflects our collective humanity and community spirit.

Duration: The residency spans one month, commencing on 10th June 2024 and concluding on 9th July 2024.

Programming: Selected artists will engage with the visual arts within the thematic framework provided. Regular online meetings will facilitate discussions on progress and artistic development with peers, organizers, and critics.

Exhibition Venue: The group exhibition will be hosted virtually in the Metaverse, at  and 

Application Deadline: Submission will be closed on 31st May 2024.

Submission Guidelines: There is no charge for submission. Please submit a portfolio of 5-10 recent artworks, along with your CV, Bio, Artist Statement, and a Cover Letter to:

Residency Fee: A fee of $300 USD is required for participation. Payment details will be provided to the selected artists for the residency.

For any further questions, please contact us at:


Internship/Volunteers at Nexus Artspace

Internship and Volunteer at Nexus Artspace

Nexus Artspace is looking for interns and volunteers for Summer 2024!

Nexus Artspace is an independent Online Art Gallery covering contemporary art from around the world. The focus of Nexus Artspace is to showcase experimental and progressive contemporary art in different forms and media. The focus Nexus Artspace is to showcase emerging and established visual artists from around the world.

Nexus Artspace online activities and events take place throughout the year and include exhibitions, featuring the work of international visual artists, artist residencies and artist talks, as well as virtual art workshops.

As part of a small and dedicated staff, our interns/ volunteers play a key role in the organization’s core artist residencies, exhibitions and education programs and have the opportunity to present ideas, develop capacity, and support the creation and presentation of art.


+ Provide general administrative support for the International Artist Residency Program.

+ Work with Program Director and Program Manager on all aspect’s exhibition-making,

including liaising with artists, cataloging work, and creating checklist/pricelist

+ Design marketing, promo, and social media material

+ Support coordination of special events

+ Assist with social media and press outreach to promote our events, artists, and mission

+ Some grant research and development support for fundraising events

+ Research and compile weekly list of international art events and email to Residency and Studio Artists

+ Other administrative duties as needed

 *Please note that this internship is a non-paid position. It involves no salary or any form of monetary payment.

 DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? This is a worldwide online opportunity. You are interested in working directly with our team and want to learn more about non-profit programming and improve your design skills. You would like to gain experience and strengthen your skills in artist development support and work directly with our design team. You are a self-starter who can recognize a problem and tackle it with minimal assistance. You possess meticulous attention to detail and superior communication skills. You have a strong grasp of social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. You know the ins and outs of graphic design / layout/ photography / videography.


Send a resume and a brief cover letter as a single, combined PDF outlining your interest in working in a small arts organization to:

Tell us what you’re looking for in an internship/volunteer and why you want to work with Nexus Artspace. Be creative! Show us who you are. Include a link to your website or examples of design, blog posts or anything else you’ve created that you think we should see. Please be advised that due to the high volume of applicants, we will only contact those candidates who are best qualified for the open positions. Thank you for your interest in internship/volunteer opportunities at Nexus Artspace

Application Deadline: All submissions must be received by 31st May 2024.